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[E]  Commodore VGA 
The C=VGA adaptor
For a long time now my goal has been to connect my c64 and c128 directly to a VGA monitor. This goal is now becoming a reality thanks to a guy called Neil Jansen who lives in Florida, USA.

[E]  Digital Audio Concepts 
WebCam, StereoSid, MP3 Decoder Board, RS232 Schnittstelle, C128-Tower
Projects: http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/projects.html
[The QuickScan 64 Page Archiv (1999): PDF]

[E]  IDE64 
Connect an IDE hard disk to your C64! The IDE64 controller is plugged to your expansion port and is extremely fast but yet rather incompatible. Furthermore you can write D64-files directly from CD to 1541 with your Commodore! It is constantly being improved, and new cards are being developed for it. IDE64 Manual: http://www.volny.cz/dundera/manual.html

[D]  Dienstagstreff 
SKERNS Bastelecke: Retro-Replay-Resetpatch, IEC-ATA V2 und andere Experimente: http://www.dienstagstreff.de/de/hardware/index.php3
Galaktus Homepage: http://www.galaktus.de [derzeit offline]
Basteleien von der HobbyTronic: http://www.galaktus.de/htronic/HTronic.html [derzeit offline]

[Planet 64]
[D]  Planet 64 
C64 Shop: XE1541-Kabel, Brotkasten-Gold-CD, 4-Spieler-Adapter u.v.m. Mit ausführlichen Produktinfos und Online-Bestellmöglichkeit.


[D]  Doc of Desire's Hardwarekiste 
Doc of Desires C64 Shop: Power-Netzteile für C64 / C128 und mehrere Peripheriegeräte, diverse Datenübertragungs-, Video- und X1541-Kabel.  Mit ausführlichen Produktinfos und Online-Bestellmöglichkeit.

[E]  Nicholas Coplin / HDD64 
C64Projects, Commodore 64, (c) Nicholas COPLIN
HDD64 (PC als Floppy), USB64-Projekt, PC-Joystick A/D Converter
[Only HDD64]
[D]  Nicholas Coplin / HDD64 
Eingangsseiten auf deutsch: http://www.64hdd.com/de/index.html

[D]  Diverse Hardwareprojekte   
StereoSID: At Home By Malte (StereoINsid): http://home.arcor.de/tub64/ (also in English!)
[E]  Misc. Hardware Projects   
IEC-ATA-Interface: http://www.djupdal.org/cbm/iecata/
IEC-ATA is a hard drive controller for the Commodore IEC serial bus. It enables all computers that has an IEC serial bus port (e.g VIC-20, C-64, C-128) to use cheap, easy to get ATA hard drives (also called IDE hard drives). 

CIA-IDE: http://members.elysium.pl/ytm/html/ciaide.html
I always wanted to have a harddrive in my C64 and then in my C128. First, in 1998 when I just started my adventure with electronics (adventure with programming 6502 started 4 years earlier :), a friend sent me documents about connecting ancient PC MFM harddisk controller to C64. Unfortunately I've never seen any disk like that. About a year later when I finally had access to the Internet I used search engines to find something about connecting harddisk to an 8-bit computer. There were many projects, and I slowly started to examine them one by one. [Hinweis: ein dritter CIA wird benötigt!]

Trumba's C64 Page: http://www.market.croadria.com/c64/index.shtml
Connecting PC & C64 
How to connect 1.44Mb floppy drive to C64 - find out more info about my masterpiece (this is the hardest way for connecting PC & C64).This piece of hardware (Disk Demon) allows you to easily transfer data between C64 and PC using ordinary 1.44Mb PC-diskette. Detail description of hardware and software used to accomplish that. 
PC2C64 - connecting PC and C64 with parallel cable using bidirectional port - this is easiest way for connecting: you need only parallel cable to connect and bidirectional parallel port (with PS/2-EPP ability) on your PC. Characteristic of this project is safe (utilizes handshake lines and so-called CHECK-SUM check) and simple 8-bit (whole hardware is one parallel cable) transfer of data between PC and C64. Additional data about parallel cable get on my electronic page.
How to connect PC 1.44Mb floppy-diskette drive to oldie C64 - DDemon project
C64-computer, 1.44Mbfloppy drive, 16kB EPROM: http://www.market.croadria.com/c64/c64diskTR20.shtml

C64PROJECTS' HARDWARE PAGE: http://members.tripod.com/~ilkerf/chard/
PC-Maus und Tastatur am C64/C128, RS232-Interface, C64-Tower, Speichererweiterung für 1541

6502.ORG Hardware Mini-Projects: http://www.6502.org/mini-projects.php
Some small hardware projects: 6502-Code und Infos zur Ansteuerung von LCD, Frequenzzähler, Flash Speicher, Thermometer etc.

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