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Graphic Erweiterung für den VDC des C128
Graphic Extension for the VDC Chip of the C128

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Einleitung / Introduction 

Der "Graphic Booster 128" der Combo AG (Schweiz), ist eine Basicerweiterung, die im 80 Zeichen-Modus (VDC) des C128 eine graphische Auflösung von bis zu 752 x 700 (monocolor, interlaced) bzw. 640 x 540 (multicolor, interlaced) ermöglicht. Der Graphic Booster benötigt einen VDC mit 64 K Speicher (im C128 DCR im Blechgehäuse bereits enthalten) und wurde für "normale" 128er zusammen mit einer Erweiterungskarte verkauft, die es erlaubte, den 16 K VDC auf 64 K aufzurüsten.  Die Ende der 1980er Jahre verkaufte Version wurde mit einem ROM und einer Disk geliefert. Es gibt auch eine reine Softwarelösung. Files zum Download und Infos finden Sie hier.

The "Graphic Booster 128" of the Combo AG (Switzerland), is a BASIC extension for the 80 column mode (VDC) of the C128. It provides a graphical resolution of up to 752 x 700 (monocolor, interlaced) and 640 x 540 (multicolor, interlaced) respectively. The Graphic Booster needs a VDC with 64 K RAM (already available in the C128 DCR) and has therefore been sold for use with "normal" C128's together with a VDC-64K-upgradeboard.  The version distributed in the late 1980th has been deliverd on a ROM and a Disk. There is also a pure software solution. Files for download and some more infos are available here.

Weitere Infos (englisch) / more infos (English)
Ausschnitt aus der Commodore Curiosity Page /  Clipping from The Commodore Curiosity Page by Jan Neuvians:

[C-128 Graphics Booster]

Graphic Booster inside the C128

The C-128 Graphic Booster

Not only the C64 benefited from countless users willing to expand it's capabilites far beyond the original specifications. Check out what two wizards from Switzerland did with their C-128 back in 1986, banning Amiga and PC users back to cheaper seats.

[Graphic BOOSTER 128 Advertisement #1]

Graphic BOOSTER 128 Advertisement #2

These two Images are Scans from the 64'er Magazine issuses 7/88 and 9/89 featuring Advertisements for the GRAPHIC BOOSTER 128. Click on the following links for a bigger picture or a Translation respectively.

Advertisement 07/1988:

Bigger Picture (40Kb)

Translation German --> English

Advertisement 09/1989:

Bigger Picture (19Kb)

Translation German --> English

I would like to make clear that I am in no way, and have never been affiliated with Combo AG or their Products. I have never owned any of their Products nor do I know anyone who does. Apart from the items featured on this site I have no further Information on issue. For any additional Details I am afraid you will have to do your research. On the other hand, if you happen to have any Information on the Subject, feel free to contact me.

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Also avaliable: The main page of the Commodore Curiosity Page by Jan Neuvians as PDF

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